Heatwaves and other waves

We are experiencing a massive heatwave in the country at the moment. It is simply too hot to be anywhere that is not air conditioned or in the pool! My sewing room does not fall into either category and thus I am not doing anything new in there.

I started an impromptu quilt top, and have run out of that particular range of fabric. I am still a color novice, and am terrified of messing the whole thing up by choosing something that doesn’t work. I have a massive stash, but there isn’t anything I feel comfortable cutting up and using on this top – especially since the reason the fabric is available for an impromptu project is that I didn’t concentrate when I was cutting and the strips ended up different widths, dummy me.

I then realised that hey, my overlocker/serger hasn’t got a custom cover yet, so this is where the patchwork is heading, when the heatwave is done with us!


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