About The Lavender Quilting Farm

I have been quilting for more than 10 years, and digitizing embroidery designs since 2006.  I made many mistakes in those early days, and those mistakes made me believe that I cannot continue down the creative path.  I have since realised that I am wrong – nothing and nobody should keep you from things that you love and enjoy.  Life is simply too short.  There are many ways to do things, and the only way to learn is to make mistakes – fail fast, learn fast.

So, The Lavender Quilting Farm was born out of a desire to share my creativity, make right those beginner mistakes, and teach others how much fun sewing, quilting, embroidery – heck, anything you can make, can be.

My dream is to have my own lavender farm someday, where I can spend my days quilting and sewing. We should pursue our dreams and keep them in our sights until they come true, or they point you to a new one.  It sometimes takes one step in that direction, then followed by another, until you get there!

I use EQ8 to design my quilts and Wilcom software for embroidery designs.  I find great joy in combining both formats and finding new ways to inspire the next idea.  I also do digital quilting, using Quilter’s Creative Touch by Grace Company.

You have creativity in you, you just need to find the right key to unlock it.  Enjoy the challenge of new experiences, and trying new things.

Have fun with my designs, and quilt patterns, make beautiful things.  And please let me know if you enjoy, or don’t enjoy them.  All I ask is that you be kind, there is enough nastiness in the world, nobody needs to add any more.