Quilt Gallery

The quilt gallery shows some of the quilts that I have made and that are special to me.  Some have stayed at home, others have gone to friends or family, and yet more have been sold to admirers.  They are not in any specific order, and get added as I find the time or the inclination to!

This is South Africa

This is South Africa

I am particularly proud of this quilt.  It is a completely original idea and shows some of the favourite tourist attractions in the country.  You can read the story behind the quilt here.


Kerrith’s graffiti quilt


My daughter’s quilt is the first one to be on show out of the graffiti quilts I made using Karlee Porter’s all over design.  I have written a review on the design.


Quilt in a day

quilt in a day

This quilt was made completely in one day, and you can read how to in the blog post.

Cats and bubbles

Cat's and bubbles

About this quilt

Macbeth and halloween.  Shakespeare’s “double, double toil and trouble; fire burn, and cauldron bubble” – describe the actions of casting the spell in the first line and boiling up a potion to make it work in the second, to ensnare Macbeth’s soul.

The cat embroidery designs are from Kara’s Kreations.

The design was a random one – I had embroidered the designs and then started putting the quilt together.  The appliqué “bubbles” were added to further the cauldron bubble idea, and I had the stunning fabric of witches and brooms in my stash.  From there it simply came together, and is a favourite in the house.  Proudly displayed on the pool table for visitors before they start their game.

Peacock splendour

peacock quilt

This is one of my earlier quilts, though the pic was taken recently!  Our basset wanted in on the action of the moment.

The embroidery designs are available from Embroidery Library.

Family Ties

Family ties

Read about this quilt in this blog post, including a tutorial on how to make your own.  It was made from old neck ties from my father, father-in-law and my husband.  This is a really nice way to memorialise special people.  This quilt will be in the family for generations to come.