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Lavender Quilting Farm is home to original machine embroidery designs, digital quilting, patchwork, quilt patterns and ready to quilt fabric.

What our customers say

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The printed fabric is really special - and the boutique style of the designs makes it limited to only this store, you know you won't get it better somewhere else.  Quality is great, crisp cotton and so far the colour is holding well.  I look forward to more designs.

Christine South Africa

I would like to say that I absolutely love Aggie's designs.  I have done many and never had any problems.  The instructions are very clear and will definitely help any beginner to machine embroidery complete a project successfully.

Jeanine Australia

I absolutely love Lavender Quilting Farm's designs!  Every project is fun to create because it has detailed instructions that are very easy to follow, and the projects always turn out very well.

Celeste USA

I have purchased many designs from this website and can definitely recommend them.

Edith USA

What a delight!  I enjoyed the designs I purchased.  Wish the fabric was available locally!  Are there any distributors out there?  You are missing out on a true gem of designs and delightful repartee!

Felicity United Kingdom