Going long-arm!

My new baby arrived and she is awesome!

Took some putting together for the encoders, and she is remarkably heavy so don’t try and lift it on your own.  I then took some time going through the Bernina frame instructions again, but I’ve got my first testing quilt going.

Testing quilt you ask?  Yes, well I wasn’t going to put my new unskills to test on a precious patchwork project, so I layered batting with two pieces of calico.  It allowed me to use colored thread for the bobbin and a different color for the top so that I could check the tension, and it was well worth it, as the tension was way off.

What I’m still trying to determine is why the repair kit that is mentioned in the list of items of the instruction book is not included in the box – I have a suspicion that Bernina SA removes it.  Having contacted Grace Quilting Company, I am still awaiting their response.

Meanwhile, Nique, pet name for now, is working beautifully and I’ve even started practicing with rulers.  Doesn’t seem like it is necessary to spend a lot of money on a straight ruler – any of your smaller cutting rulers will do the job – the hopping foot doesn’t seem bothered, and my lines are perfectly straight.  I have put some money towards handy gadget rulers – the versa tool and the half circle templates.  Neither of these are currently available in SA, so Amazon is your friend.


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