Double Wedding Ring Designs and tutorial

Here is an easy double wedding ring pattern and design.  The design is completely stitched out without any appliqué or patchwork, and you can then combine the blocks to create a beautiful quilt top.  

The blocks used for this table runner is 8 x 8".  The 5 x 7" design will require more blocks to get the same size, but details for this are also included.


Doulbe Wedding Ring
Table runner created with the double wedding ring designs.

There are many stories about how the double wedding ring quilt block came into existence.

One example is that of the gimmel ring.

These rings were popular in Europe in 1400 and 1500.  They were two rings that were interlocked on a couple’s wedding day.  During their engagement, one ring would be worn by the woman and the other by the man, and then on their wedding day combined and worn by the wife.

Some believe that this is how the style was taken to America in the late 1600, when settlers arrived from Europe to the great frontier.

Another story from the American Civil war talks about a woman that made many quilts and one in particular was saved for her niece’s wedding.  The wedding was delayed when the groom was injured during the war and spent many years away from his fiancée.  When the wedding finally came around, the groom had no rings for the wedding.  It was then that the woman offered the rings in the form of the quilt, and henceforth it was known as the double wedding ring.

Let your embroidery machine measure and combine your patches for you, leaving you with straight seams that can be stitched up in a jiffy!

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