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Quilting Iron

Your choice of quilting iron is as important as your choice in fabric.  The pressing of your patchwork seams will affect your quilt patchwork and the quilting itself.  Bulky seams, incorrect nesting and seams that are not crisp will result in bubbling and difficulty in quilting patterns on your quilt top.

My ideal quilting iron

Over the years I have used a number of irons.  Usually steam and dry irons, with various heat settings.

As long as you keep to 100% cotton, a standard clothing iron will be sufficient.  It’s when you start using combinations or synthetic fibres that you can head for trouble.

An iron that is too hot, will scorch your fabric and in the case of dark fabrics, create a shine.  This ruins your quilt!

When I started the Family Ties quilt, I realised that I will run into problems due to the varied fabrics in which the ties were made.  Some were 100% silk, others were synthetic, both were sensitive to heat.

Fortunately, at the time, an advertisement for a steam station made its way to my inbox.  This was rather fortuitous!

I had found the perfect steam station!  I used it exclusively on my Family Ties quilt, and will not give this quilting iron up without a fight!

It has a 1.7l water tank, and you can lock the iron in place on the station.  It is also ready in a short space of time – only 2 minutes, and it turns itself off after 5 minutes of not using it – never worry about forgetting to turn it off!

I am very happy with my purchase, and look forward to many more successful quilt projects without worrying about scorching my fabric, and always having crisp seams.

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