Quilt Sizes – How to measure for the best fit

measuring for quilt size

Quilt sizes have been a topic of much discussion in quilting circles, and when you do a search for this on the internet you get a lot of different answers. Some quilters' opinions vary by many inches, some in a single direction, some in both. This can make it difficult to estimate what size batting you require when ordering according to a batting size.

When ordering according to batting size i.e. twin, double, queen etc. take note of the measurements, because even amongst manufacturers there are many differences in opinion.



standard mattress sizes

Standard mattress sizes

These measurements are the international standard for mattress sizes.

There are of course many deviations making allowance for extra length in mattresses.  All in all, these measurements are the simplest to use if you are making a quilt that is merely going to rest on top of the bed, or if you want an idea for an age appropriate size.

Most of my quilts get used for naps, or cuddling up in front of the telly, hence the standard mattress size is usually my guideline.

Measuring beds for custom quilt sizes

Since beds come in different sizes, you can make a custom quilt using standard mattress sizes and adding a number for overhang, and perhaps for tucking under pillows.

In general, the centre of the quilt will cover the mattress, so this will be your standard mattress size.

To add for tucking under the pillow, the general suggestion is to add an additional 13″ to the length of the quilt.

An allowance for the quilt to hang over the side of the bed can be added on three sides.  If you want it to hang to the floor, measure from the top of the mattress to the floor – the overhang in our picture.

This will mean that if you want to make a quilt for a single bed, standing 25″ from the floor to the top of the mattress (not accounting for bedding, so maybe keep this in mind) your quilt size calculation will look as follows:

39″ x 75″ Centre of quilt as the standard mattress size

39″ x 88″ when adding the 13″ for the pillow tuck (75 + 13)

85″ x 113″ when adding the 25″ to three sides (39 + 25 +25) and (88 + 25)

measuring a bed for a quilt

I hope that this blog post has helped to raise the cloud on the quilt sizes debate, and helps you in making sure your treasured works of art bring happiness for years to come.

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