Quilt label – why add one to my quilt?

Adding a quilt label to your quilt is the finishing touch.  How many old quilts are going around anonymously because the quilter did not add his/her name, where and when the quilt was made?

Labels are available for purchase that already have a border printed as well as a design.  You can simply add your details using a laundry pen.  Using a laundry pen is also useful when you have a light backing fabric - simply add your details directly to the backing fabric.  Take care that it doesn't go all the way through to the front of the quilt though!

Personally, I prefer an embroidered label as it is more permanent than ink.  I have quilt labels available for embroidery machines in the store.

It is also possible to print your label to fabric using special printer fabric that is widely available.  I use printed treasuresEQ Printables are also a good brand to use.

quilt label

Where to place the label?

I like to make a label that I can add to the binding of the quilt i.e. place it in the corner.  Simply cut a square, fold it in half to make a triangle and include it in the binding of the quilt.  I believe that this will make it more permanent, than adding a hand-stitched label afterwards.

What information to include?

  • Quilter’s name
  • When the quilt was made
  • Where the quilt was made
  • Patchwork by, and quilted by if different to the first point
  • Pattern name if you used someone else’s pattern – remember the copyright rules of usage
  • Special message if it is a gift
  • Care instructions

Competitions and exhibitions

When a quilt goes to an exhibition, there are a great many other quilts there too.  You want to make sure that your quilt is returned to you, so I would include the address as well as the other details for this quilt.

It is nice to know that the quilt was made for a particular exhibition.  Later, you can also add a label if you did well in the competition.

quilt label
quilt label

Happy quilting!


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