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The story of Fuzzy Wuzzy

Bullying is a reality that we all grow up with, and we have bullies as adults as well.  Little ones struggle to understand the concept, and what to do about it.

When I was making Fuzzy Wuzzy, my daughter told me about the latest attempts at bullying her at school.  The first time she was bullied, she was around 6 years old, and she didn't understand what was happening, or what to do about it.  Now that she is older, she has some skill in managing the situation, but still realises that at some point you need to speak up.  It was then that it came to me that Fuzzy Wuzzy could very well be a tool to use, along with a story.

Somebody called Fuzzy Wuzzy

Fuzzy Wuzzy is a little Somebody that comes from a place called Somewhere.  There are also other places like Anywhere, Nowhere and Everywhere.

  • Beings from Anywhere are called Anybody, like “Anybody can do that”.
  • If Nowhere is home, they are called Nobody, like “Nobody can do that”.
  • Beings from Everywhere are called Everybody, like “Everybody can do that”.

Unfortunately, Anybody, Somebody and Everybody can become Nobodies.  It’s like when you get a cold, and you are ill. But you can get better again, with a little help.  The same is true for Nobodies.

Nobodies are naugthy critters who like to make others feel like they’re Nobody, when in fact they are Somebody.  An example of a nobody is a bully.  Bullies think they are Somebody that can make others feel like Nobody and it will make them popular with Anybody and Everybody.

Fuzzy Wuzzy has a big heart that gives him special powers – he can reverse the effects of Nobodies.  He can make Anybody and Everybody feel like they are Somebody again. Next time a nobody makes you feel like you’re a nobody, remember that you have Fuzzy Wuzzy that will make you feel like Somebody again.

Of course, Fuzzy Wuzzy can also make Nobodies be Somebodies again, but he needs a little help with that.  Remember when I said it’s like when you get a cold and you need medicine to get better?  Nobodies also need medicine to get better.

fuzzy wuzzy
fuzzy wuzzy

Here’s what you can do to help Fuzzy Wuzzy:

  1. Tell your Mom and Dad about the bully that is making you feel bad.
  2. Talk to a friend about it.
  3. Tell a teacher that you have a bully.

You see, unless you tell Somebody that you have a Nobody bothering you, Fuzzy Wuzzy can’t do anything to that Nobody.  Fuzzy Wuzzy can only make you feel better until you get him some help.  And who doesn’t want to help such a cute little Somebody?

Of course, this story will apply to toddlers and maybe a little bit older.  No tween is going to believe any of this!

I hope that this brings something to your toolkit as a parent.

Happy stitching!


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