Make reusable notebook covers

How to make your own notebook covers

We are already in October, and I am sure a lot of us are busy with handmade Christmas gifts, right?  Something simple to make, and reusable, are notebook covers.  I love having a special notebook cover, and I change them regularly – something along the lines of one in the wash, one in the cupboard and one on the… book.

What you’ll need

This method will work for any size notebook, so grab one from your stash.

  1. Notebook
  2. Fabric – for the cover and for the lining, plus a bit extra for the slip.  For an A5, 2 fat quarters will do.  Bigger notebooks will obviously need more.
  3. Thread to match
  4. Embroidery design if you’re inclined to add a design, but your sewing machine will also have many decorative stitches
  5. Any embellishments you’d like to use – buttons, ribbon, yo-yo (check out our tutorial on making one)


You need to measure the size of your notebook.

Measure the notebook, and add 8 inches for the slip cover.  From the top to the bottom measure and add 1 inch.   You will use a 1/2 inch seam allowance.


Measure your notebook back to front including the spine and then add 4 inches to your measurement.
Measure the size of the notebook from top to bottom and add 1 inch.

I chose to get creative with my cover fabric and add decorative stitching. Using contrasting fabric adds a bit of interest.  It will also allow me to make sure that the middle seam lines up with the spine of the book, and that the contrast is even on the front and the back of the notebook.

Add your embroidery or decorative stitching, not the embellishments yet, as they will get in the way when stitching this together.

Placing right sides together, attach your lining to your cover fabric at the sides only (not the top and bottom just yet).

Add your embroidery or decorative stitching.
Place lining fabric right side down on the cover fabric. Right sides together.
Stitch the side seams together to attach the lining to the cover of the notebook.
Press the seams so that they are crisp.

Pull your notebook closer.  Turn the cover (only the side seams are stitched) right side out and cover the notebook so that you can measure the slip size.  Mark this by pressing the fold.  Do this for both the front and the back, making sure the notebook is closed when you do this.

Notebook covers making

Almost done

This is where it may seem a little backward.

Turn your cover so that the right sides are together again.  Using the fold that you just marked, fold the slip cover into the two layers of the lining and the outside fabric.  Pin this in place.

You’re now going to stitch the top and bottom seam, but leave about 2″ on the bottom so that you can turn the cover right side out again.

Folded slip in between layers.
slip cover
Keeping right sides together, fold the slip cover in between the layers using the newly pressed line as your gauge. Pin in place.
close seam
Mark your seam to make sure you stitch straight. Leave a gap to turn right side out.

Use a ladder stitch to close the gap.  Pressing before you do this will help to keep the seam straight.

Turn right side out, close the seam with a ladder stitch. Cover your notebook!

Happy stitching!


Another project tutorial is available here:  Lavender Sachets

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