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Introducing the Block Barn

The Block Barn is our new series focusing on traditional quilt blocks. We will introduce you to a traditional block on a regular basis, and you can use the Block Barn to check on earlier releases.

It is a similar concept to Block of the Month or Block of the Week, but we will not keep to a set schedule.  Sometimes we may introduce three blocks in a week, other weeks may not get a block.  To know when a new block is introduced, you will need to sign up for the newsletter, as our subscribers will receive an email update.

In each release we will include a bit of history about the block, and a tutorial on constructing the block using traditional patchwork stitching.  At the same time, we will make a machine embroidery version available in our store.

Both of these are the perfect way for a beginner quilter to make a block at a time, and end up with a sampler quilt.  You can decide when you have enough blocks, and how big you want to make it.  The instructions for each block will be for a 5" block,  you will need to do some calculation to make it bigger, or contact me and I will do that for you, time permitting.  The machine embroidery block will be available in an 8x8, 6x6 and 5x5 version.

Clean sweep

The first block will be released this week, perhaps more than one….make sure you don’t miss out and stay up to date by joining our newsletter subscribers!

Our very first post will touch on quilt block history in general.

Lavender greetings!



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