Le Moyne Star


The Le Moyne star is named for the Le Moyne brothers from France.  The family settled in Canada in the 17th century.  Pierre Le Moyne d’Iberville established the Louisiana Colony in 1689.  His brother Jean-Baptiste de Bienville served several terms as Louisiana governor.  In North America, the block underwent a name change due to regular usage, and is also known as the lemon star.

This is also an eight pointed star which appears in American quilting as early as 1815.

Le Moyne Star


The Le Moyne star consists of 8 diamond shapes, with half-squares and squares.

  • Cut 4 of A
  • Cut 4 of B
  • Cut 8 of C (if alternative colouring, 4 of each colour)
Le Moyne star
le moyne a
le moyne b
le moyne c


The Le Moyne star consists of 8, 60° diamond shapes, with half-squares and squares.

  1. Sew 4 diamonds together to make half a star.  Stop 0,25″ from the corners.
  2. Add 2 squares and 2 triangles.  You now have half a block.
  3. Repeat for the other half.

Make sure you pin each piece before sewing.  Mark you 0,25″ stop with a pen or a pin to ensure that all the diamond points join in the middle.

le moyne star assembly
le moyne star

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