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Baby Block


The baby block originates from star designs where the diamond was in use since the beginning of the 19th century.  Baby blocks use the diamond shape to create an illusion of 3d.  The colour placement is what creates the impression of depth.  It reflects a stack of blocks like that which children build from blocks, hence the name.

Alternative names

  • Cubes
  • Tumbling blocks
  • Pandora’s box
  • Shifting cubes
baby block


In this case, you are going to learn to draw your own template, and we are going to increase the block size to 8×8″.

Grab a piece of quad paper so that you have a grid.  You will need a compass as well.

Open your compass to 2″ or 5cm.

Draw a circle by placing the point of the compass on an intersection of two grids on the paper.  Draw a vertical line through the centre of the circle.

Draw two additional circles to reflect the diagram.

Now, draw a line between the various points of intersection until you have a cube as shown.  Each diamond will be the same size.

You will only need one diamond.

drafting baby block


Your template will be used to cut the diamond shapes.  Add 0,5cm or 1/4″ to the sides for the seam allowance.


6 diamonds from light fabric

6 diamonds from medium fabric

6 diamonds from dark fabric

Also cut a 8,5″ square for the background.

Sew a light and a medium diamond together.  Then add the dark diamond to make a cube.

When you press the seams, make sure you press in the same direction to ensure a flat centre.

Repeat this until you have 6 cubes.

Stitch a row of three cubes, then a row of two.  Attach these rows to each other and finally stitch the single cube to the top.

Now you can fold a 1/4″ seam allowance all around, press and baste to hold in place.

Fold the square fabric into quarters to find the centre of the block.  Appliqué the cubes to the centre of the block.

sew light and medium
add dark diamond
baby block

The Baby Block machine embroidery design is now available in our store


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