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Foundation piecing

Foundation piecing is the primary method we use to develop our patchwork in the hoop blocks.  It is a great method for piecing intricate blocks where the number of pieces could result in inaccurate measurements.

When I think of foundation, I think of the first step in creating a building.  Much the same way, foundation piecing is the first step in piecing a patchwork block using this method.  It is like a blueprint for a patchwork block.

One can use a standard piece of paper, draw your block on it, and get going.  There are also a few block patterns printed on stabilizer like fabric available in strips for purchasing from some quilt stores.

Benartex has a collection of preprinted foundation patterns

The pattern of the block is printed on paper/fabric, and then you stitch over the lines to attach your fabric.  The paper gets ripped out after you have finished stitching your blocks together.

Getting started

To start, you will need a foundation pattern.  If you want to follow along with our tutorial, you can print the log cabin we are using from here.

Print the template, and cut the pattern out using the seam allowance line as your guide.

With the log cabin, you can measure the width of the strips you require and add a bit for the seams.  Other blocks won’t be as simple, but this will be a good learning method.

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