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Pineapple Block


The pineapple block was first published by the Ladies’ Art Company in 1898.  It is a variation on the log cabin.

Pineapples are a symbol of warmth and hospitality.  Spanish villagers would place the fruit at the village entrance to welcome visitors.

The block is created by piecing strips of fabric on the diagonal, rather than perpendicular to the center square.  It is a challenging block to make without foundation piecing in my opinion.

pineapple block


Templates or cutting instructions isn’t necessary for the basic block.

Using strips according to the size that you want the sides to be, starting with a square, you can create this block by alternating the colours in each round.  This is slightly different to the log cabin where you would work on the same tone according to the corners of the block.

This is the perfect block to do using foundation piecing.  Print the image and enlarge it to the size you desire.

How to do foundation piecing

A blog post is available – Foundation piecing to help you with the process.  Use your printed image and follow the basic instructions.

Pineapple block diagram

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