Eccentric Star


The Eccentric Star block has a simpler version that is better known than the one presented here.  This particular version first appeared in Jonathan Holstein’s book “The Pieced Quilt: an American Design Tradition”.

According to Celia Eddy, this particular block shows “folk art ingenuity” as it doesn’t appear in any other sources of the eccentric star block.

graphic of eccentric star patchwork block


We have provided you with a cutting diagram using rotary cutting.  The numbers show the relevant block for each patch.

The sizes and diagrams provided are for a 5″ block and have 0,25″ seam allowances included.

Graphic for block layout for eccentric star
Rotary cutting for patch A of eccentric star
image of rotary cutting for eccentric star patch
Patch c rotary cutting diagram
Patch d rotary cutting diagram
Patch E rotary cutting diagram
Patch f rotary cutting diagram
eccentric star patchwork block product image

The machine embroidery version of this block is now available in our store.

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