Broken Band block in the Block Barn

Broken Band


The Broken Band block is a lesser known block.  Barbara Brackenbridge mentions only one place where this block has been published and that is the Farm News in 1920.  No other history on this block is available – perhaps you can assist?


We have provided you with a cutting diagram using rotary cutting.  The numbers show the relevant block for each patch.

The sizes and diagrams provided are for a 5″ block and have 0,25″ seam allowances included.  Please take the time to starch your fabric first – it really is worth the extra time!

Broken band placement diagram
Broken Band quilt block image
Rotary cutting for patches
Rotary cutting image for broken band block b
Broken band block c rotary cutting instructions
Rotary cutting block D for broken band block

Making the block

Here we show you the stitching order for the block patches.  Start with the block in a block, for the centre of the block and then stitch the corners.  Finally add the corners to the centre block.

Colour blocks for easy reference to compile the broken band block
Block stitching diagram for the broken band
Broken band product image

The machine embroidery version of this block is now available in our store.

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Lavender greetings!


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