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In my search for sites that would link back to me (long story), I came across this website:

And…. Then There Were More BOTMs….

I enjoyed reading her response to someone with regard to a copyright issue and I want to add my ten cents here.

Copyright is a complex issue around the world, and the quilting space is littered with it.  It is a very sensitive, highly debated area.  There is a podcast that I listen to, Just wanna quilt, that touches on a lot of the issues we experience in the industry.  One of them is the fact that most of our quilt blocks and patterns come from sharing and teaching.  This very fact has led to the Block Barn series.

The quilting and machine embroidery market is extremely competitive, and it is increasingly difficult to make a living in this area.  It would simply be stupid to breach copyright within such a big market that has such a large footprint.  Somewhere, someone will do the math.

Enjoy Marian’s website – she has a large library of block of the month’s if you are into that quilting format.


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