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Getting the size of your quilt right is sometimes a little tricky.  I have written about this before.

Ultimately, it is always best to measure the space that the quilt is being made for.  But, if in doubt, here is an easy to follow reference.

Standard quilt size is one thing that Professor Google hasn’t been able to give an answer to.  I suppose it is a result of all the bedspread manufacturers and different standards for mattress sizes in various regions across the world.

In general, there is a discrepancy of 3 to 10 inches in the bedspread sizes that I found on the internet.  There are also a million and one (okay, maybe not that many) graphics on what the correct size for a quilt will be.

Here is my addition!

Yes, I know, another one!

To add another aspect is the fact that we get extra length and extra depth mattresses.  I suppose this will be the reason for all the variations in the bedspread sizes.  This just adds to the problem quilters experience in getting a standard size.

The other side of the coin is that quilts are unique, so the size should be too!  I’m sticking to this!

Lavender greetings!


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