Clay’s Choice


The Clay’s Choice patchwork block honours Henry Clay (1777-1852).  He was a politician well known for his multiple attempts at the presidency prior to the Civil War.  He had a very strong position against slavery and is quoted as saying “I’d rather be right than be president.”

Other names

  • Clay’s Favorite
  • Clay’s Star
  • Henry of the West
  • Harry’s Star
  • Star of the West
clay's choice colour diagram


We have provided you with a cutting diagram using rotary cutting.  The numbers show the relevant block for each patch.

The sizes and diagrams provided are for an 8″ block and have 0,25″ seam allowances included.

cutting diagram for clay's choice block

Making the block

Using the diagram as your guide, you can stitch your patches together in four rows.

Once you have each row stitched, using a 1/4″ seam allowance, you can go ahead and stitch the rows together.  Take care to stitch them in the right order.  Again, use a 1/4″ seam allowance and make sure to press every seam as you go.

Clay's choice stitching order
Clay's Choice product image

The machine embroidery version of this block is now available in our store.

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