The beatitudes are taken from the Sermon on the Mount.

We are heading into that time of the year where we celebrate the sacrifice that Jesus made for all on earth - He was crucified, died and arose out of death after 3 days.  Winning the war over eternal death and offering all Christians eternal life in heaven.

It seems fitting to celebrate the beatitudes, since it reflects what Jesus expects from all Christians.

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Where did Jesus give the Sermon on the Mount?

The site of the Sermon on the Mount is not identified in the gospels.  Traditionally we believe it is associated with Karn Hattin, near Capernaum, but there isn’t factual basis for this belief.

Did Jesus give a sermon like the minister in church on Sundays?

The word “sermon” is misleading to the modern mind.  Matthew didn’t say that Jesus rose up and entered the pulpit where he delivered a sermon that he prepared in a library.

The crowds were following Jesus to see His miracles.  He went up the mountain so that His immediate followers would be closer to Him.  He then went a little lower to a level place.  He sat down, and began to teach while giving special attention to the disciples.

The “sermon” is a record by Matthew of a class lecture and discussion.  The fact that there are digressions from a formal outline evidences the truth of the record.

What is a “beatitude”?

The word “beatitude” is not found in the English Bible.  It means either:

  1. the joys of heaven, or
  2. a declaration of blessedness

Beatitudes occur often in the Old Testament, and the gospels contain isolated beatitudes by Jesus.

The word is most commonly used of the declarations Jesus made in the discourse recorded by Matthew.

What about the Sermon on the Plain?

Matthew recorded the beatitudes in the Sermon on the Mount, but Luke refers to the Sermon on the Plain.  It is unclear whether they refer to the same event, or whether Jesus repeated himself in another location.

To celebrate easter, I thought it fitting to include this quilt in my collection.  I hope that it will bring as much joy to your home, by creating it to match your decor, and to celebrate the greatest sacrifice of all.

Happy easter!


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