Virginia Reel

Virginia Reel


Virginia Reel is a variation on Snail Trail.  It was first published by Mountain Mist.

The Virginia reel is also a folk dance that dates from the 17th century. Its origins are Scottish and related to the Highland reel.  There is perhaps also influences from the Irish Rinnce Fada.  Generally, people consider it an English country dance.

Other names

  • Pig’s tail
Virginia Reel quilt block

Foundation piecing

This block is easy to make using foundation piecing.  We’ve included a template for you to download. The template will provide a 5″ square block, so enlarge it if you want something bigger.


You can achieve two completely different looks by changing the layout.  When you rotate every alternate block by 90 degrees, you get a completely different result.

Virginia Reel

Rotating the blocks gives a different visual result

virginia reel

Straight layout of Virginia Reel

Virginia reel product

The machine embroidery version of this block is now available in our store.

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