Positively positive

Positively positive plays with the plus block that is simple to make using strips of light and dark fabric.

I had a set of half metre fabrics in my stash from the same collection, and I decided to use those for this project.

What you'll need

  • 6 half metre fabrics that coordinate
    • 2 dark
    • 2 light
    • medium/dark for sashing
    • 1 border
  • Backing fabric
  • Batting
  • Thread for piecing
  • Thread for quilting

How to make this

First you'll need to make some decisions on what your positively positive blocks are going to look like:

  1. Pull your sashing fabric and set aside.
  2. Pull your border fabric and set aside

Consider things like:

  1. Directional designs on the fabric - you'll have to make sure you keep this consistent.
  2. Contrast between the plus and the corners of the block vs the sashing.

This quilt will work best with high contrast so that the design really stands out.

  1. Select your light fabrics and cut them in 3,5" strips.
  2. Select your dark fabrics and cut them in 3,5" strips.
  3. Working in sections, stitch light to dark and to light so that you have a light set.
  4. Now take a strip of the same light fabric and cut into 9" pieces.
  5. Cut the strip set in step 5 into rows of 3,5" each.
  6. Using the pieces in step 5, attach to a strip from step 4 giving you your light plus units.
  7. Now start with the dark fabric and create a dark unit.
  8. Why do it like this?  You're going to need some of the longer strips to complete your units, and depending on whether you have more dark or more light fabric, the number of units you'll get will differ from mine.
  9. Square up your units so that they're all the same size and try a layout as shown in the video.
  10. Now, onto sashing.  Cut your sashing strips to 9" x 2,5" between the blocks in a row.
  11. Cut your sashing strip to 2,5" and join to be long enough to join two rows to each other.  To achieve a neat finish, find the middle of the sashing and the row and match them up.
  12. Finally, after you've attach all the rows and sashing, add a border.  Mine is 3,5".
  13. Sandwich
  14. Quilt

Follow along with the video to get clarity before you continue.  I hope you enjoy making this - send me some pictures!

Do you still feel that making this quilt top is a bit daunting?  Check out the printed quilt top featured this month.

And just to show you how you can find positively positive inspiration anywhere, here is a cathedral window quilt that creates a plus design by clever use of colour.

Quilt by Anneke van Heerden (photograph courtesy of Petro Ferreira)

Remember to stay positively positive, not only through February but the rest of the year too!

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