Quilting on lines

Quilting on lines may seem intimidating to some quilters, heck, it even makes me all tense.  There are ways around this using tools that are available on the market.  In this video, I quilt the cockatoo that I traced from the printable available in the store.

The rulers I use in this video are:

  1. Handi gadget from Handiquilter
  2. Big Swiss Cheese from Handiquilter
  3. Shelly from Angela Walters

The handi gadget has a slot where your hopping foot fits perfectly, allowing you to gain better control over the longarm quilting machine.

Please send me pictures of how you are progressing with your quilt, and let's have a conversation in the comments below.  Also, send me any questions that you have.

Lavender greetings!


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