How tense is inktense on fabric

Inktense on fabric - what a load of fun! When I started with inktense pencils and blocks, I kinda felt a bit late to the party.  I mean, these things have been around for such a long time, where have I been?

The advantage to arriving late to the party is that the inktense products have been refined and many variations have been made possible.  And using inktense on fabric has become relatively general, but, I've not come across any videos showing you as much in one place, as I'm about to.

Inktense pencils and blocks are available in South Africa from reputable artist shops, and online.

For this project you'll need:

  1. Quilt traced and quilted.  In this project I'm using the cockatoo printable that I've already traced and quilted.
  2. Inktense pencils (a set of 12 is just fine, but you'll need white which is in the bigger set of 24)
  3. Inktense blocks (a set of 12 is just fine, but the white is in the 24 or more).  You don't need the blocks, you can use the pencils for most of this, but you won't be able to use all the colour mixing techniques unless you use some shavings from your pencil sharpener.
  4. Aloe vera gel.  This is available from all pharmacies, including the large retail chains.
  5. Water
  6. Artist brushes (a medium size and large will be sufficient)
  7. A round waxing brush that you would normally use for chalkpaint waxing - they're awesome!
  8. A plastic knife or something similar to grate your inktense blocks (or use shavings from your pencil sharpener)

Here's what you find in this video:

  1. The medium I use is aloe vera gel and water, aloe vera gel, and water.  Yip, they do different things on their own and together.
  2. Colour on dry fabric.
  3. Adding colour to damp fabric - using the solution; aloe vera gel; water.  Each behave differently.
  4. Mixing colours in various ways, from shavings to colouring over colours to painting and then adding another colour - again, there are just so many different ways and I demo them all.
  5. Working with the bleed of the colour that is sometimes inevitable.
  6. What to do when it bleeds where you don't want it to.
  7. Blending
  8. That oh so lovely background!

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