Quilting Life 28 April 2020

It seems like this is turning into a bit of a log, you know like the log on Star Trek:  "This is captain whatever his name was from Starship Enterprise.  Its such and such a date and..." you get the idea.  Or like I suppose a lot of researchers are doing nowadays: "Today's date, I'm Dr Hooligabats and this is speciman two hundred and seventy seven batch 99.  The subject is subdued and will not present any further trouble."

Oh, I'm just fooling around, but this is kinda what this video is starting to feel like.  So, you'll notice I've changed it to "Quilting Life".  "Weekly update" seems so researchy and a bit spooky.  I also suppose this is related to my weekend watch of "I am Legend" - don't watch that if you're worrying about Covid-19.  We've got enough to worry about without adding science fiction to the mix.

Quilting Life it is.

I was a bit lazy last week, and didn't do any of the things that I said I was going to do, except for sorting scraps and getting a whole lot of hexies.  The original plan for the hexagons has gone a bit astray, and the new plan is to make a quilt and enter it into next year's SA Quilt Festival. We'll see if that actually happens, because as you may or may not know, I'm not a big fan of competing or getting certified or having someone else tell me what they think of my work.  I don't really care....or do I, and is that why I feel the need to enter?  Or is it to get justification that I'm good at what I do?  Either way, the psychology discussion about that could be rather interesting, but it's a topic for another day.

Take a look at the video below where I include a sample of the strip quilt I made using the leftover strips in my stash from years gone by.  I also mention a podcast by Bethel Church which you can go and listen to.  A little insight into my creative process, and how I find inspiration (which I don't, it comes to me!).  And then I show you that hair bands for an elastic alternative with face masks does work.  The pattern I use is available here (it's the mask 1 pattern).  Note that the links to the video reference in there doesn't work, and I don't know what it is as I got this from the quilting guild.

Let me know in the comments below what you're doing to keep yourself busy.  Also share some photographs and tips for fabric scraps and what you use them for.

Remember that if you're looking for fun, simple, easy projects that look complicated - you're in the right place!  Check out what's on offer in the online store.

Until next week, look after yourselves.

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