What do I look for in a ruler to rule them all?

Ok, you’ve got me. I have finally lost my mind. I’m crazy about Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter which of course also means Fantastic Beasts. I’m surprised I’ve not named one of my first rulers Dobby, as it’s certainly going to be very helpful in your sewing room. Alas, it’s “Tramlines”. Yes, like tennis. But let me start at the beginning.

Why rulers?

Quilting rulers are all from the USA, made in China sometimes, but nevertheless from the States. This means that our hard-earned South African Rand is spent on a foreign currency to buy something that we need for our craft. I’ve brought you Angela’s rulers, and I know, they’re expensive. Our Rand just cannot compete with US$. Sure, the USA is the motherland of quilting so yes, it’s the creator of all things quilting including fabric and all sorts of wonderful gadgets. But it’s not within reach for us South African quilters. I saved up for a long time to get the US rulers, and I had to get most of them from Amazon, because I couldn’t find them here.

In the current economic times, it is more important than ever to support our local manufacturers and small business owners. Too many people have lost their jobs and their businesses because they couldn’t keep up with four months of non-activity as we endured a hard lockdown.

South Africa does have the capacity to manufacture some quilt tools right here, like fabric panels and rulers, so I went ahead and did it.

Yip, I spent some time thinking about it and made a looooot of drawings. I threw most of them away (I mean…right click and delete). Of course then I learned that my drawings aren’t what the manufacturer needs, well, let’s just say it’s been another learning curve – I’m doing a lot of that lately. Imports, rulers, it’s a big world out there.


My first design is based on some of my favourite requirements in rulers like:

  • Needle stops to keep the hopping foot from going too far or worse, missing the end of the ruler
  • Size to fit my hand so that I stay in control of the ruler all the time
  • Smaller marking lines – most rulers only cater for that ¼” measurement, but what about ⅛” for us quilters who like to quilt things to death?
  • Angles so that I can create, well, angles
  • Curves just in case I want to add a little bit here or there while working with a ruler

“Tramlines” is perfect for the Quilting with Rulers and Kwilt met liniale classes, and it’s affordable. I also think it’s a great all-rounder and can achieve most things we want to do on a quilt. I’ll also deliver it right to your door.



Once the taste for ruler design got a hold of me, I thought about the trouble of getting your machine around tricky shapes like appliqué and some of the beautiful designs on my own printed quilt tops. When I recalled how I struggled to control the machine around the curves and shapes, I was thinking that I can make a cutout ruler perfect for managing your hopping foot around those shapes.


Let me know what you want and need, and I’ll see what I can do. That’s my commitment to you. I do all of this for you, to help make your hobby even more satisfactory and accessible.

Oh, and if you’re a quilt shop owner and you want to stock these for quilters to buy in your brick and mortar, or online, shop, I have a special deal for wholesale purchasers. Let’s talk.

Lavender greetings


P.S. I called it “Tramlines” because of the parallel lines, and I was watching the US Open, in September, during whatever level of lockdown. Tramlines are the two lines that mark the tennis court for singles and for doubles. The court is smaller for singles.

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