Which rotary cutting ruler is right for me?

“There are a multitude of quilting rulers on the market, all in a different price range. Which one is the right one for me?”

Here’s a comparison of the 24″ rotary cutting rulers available from us. I do believe that a 24″ rotary cutting ruler is an essential tool for every quilter:

  1. The length is an advantage when squaring your quilt (I do also like the big square from Olfa for this)
  2. Cutting strips are easier, and you don’t have the risk of a fold in the fabric giving you that little kink at the fold when you open up your strip
  3. Cutting borders for your quilt

Here are the features I would consider when choosing a ruler:

FeatureSew Easy 24″Olfa 24″Creative Grids 24″
Grips the fabricNoNoYes
Easily slides over the fabricYesYesYes
Works well on light fabricYesYesYes
Works well on dark fabricsYesNoYes
Multiple markings so that you can work in any directionNoNoYes
Angle markings (the Olfa has more than the others)YesYesYes
⅛” markingsYesYesYes
Centre of ruler markedNoNoYes

The decision on which rotary cutting ruler is best for you is personal, and your budget has the final say. I started with an Olfa and used it for many years. Then I discovered the Creative Grids’ ruler, and I will never look back. It’s the rotary cutting ruler that I pick up first. The biggest reason is possibly the silk and satin fabric that I’m using more regularly. The Creative Grids’ rulers have a grip on it that doesn’t snag your fabric. The other two need some sort of grip on it to keep it from sliding away. The new Olfa rotary cutting rulers do have a frosted finish that negates the need for the sticky goodies, but it’s not as effective as the Creative Grids’ rulers, in my opinion.

The sticky stuff you can get to put on your rulers have different results – the dots raise your rulers slightly, and that bugs me. The sandpaper like stuff like Handigrip ruins delicate fabric. So if you’re looking to work with unusual fabric, get the Creative Grids rotary cutting ruler. Otherwise, I would go for the Olfa. The cheapest option is the Sew Easy and it is perfect if you’re still deciding on whether quilting is your hobby.

I hope that this is helpful!


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