Do you need quilting gloves?

Do you need quilting gloves?

Quilting gloves are those things that add warmth to your hands. Well, yes, it does, but it does more too.

When you look at quilting gloves, you have a variety to choose from.

quilting gloves or garden gloves
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machingers quilting gloves
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three fingered quilting gloves
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  • Full hand with rubber dots on the fingerprint side.
  • Full hand with rubber on the palm side – I’m showing you garden gloves – that’s what I use!
  • Three finger (index, middle and thumb) gloves with rubber on the palm side of your hand

What’s the purpose?

Quilting on a domestic machine can be tricky because you have to move the quilt with your hands. When you add quilting gloves the grip on the quilt improves vastly. The rubber on the palm side or on the fingers hold onto the quilt making it easy to move.

Which one is right for you?

Quilting gloves are generally breathable, so that you don’t get sweaty in your hands. I mean, you’re already sweating enough from quilting, your hands should stay dry.

If covering your hand is not appealing (it does get warm in summer) the three finger gloves are going to be your best friend.

The garden gloves are widely available, and they work like a charm. Best of all is that they’re not expensive either.


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