Get the most benefit from your quilting rulers

If you don’t know this yet, I love quilting with rulers. These wonders of the quilting universe are very expensive, especially imported from the USA. Quality quilting rulers are available from my online store and they don’t have to cost you your fabric budget for the month.

tramlines quilting ruler
Tramlines is the first ruler in the Augusta Quilts range

Quilting rulers in the Augusta Quilts range, my quality quilting rulers, are made from high-quality acrylic, chosen for its strength, clarity and durability. They are laser cut with precision and engraved to ensure that they last you your whole quilting life.

Printing on any ruler will rub off over time. The engraving helps to ensure that the reference lines don’t go anywhere. The other advantage is that you can add reference marks with a permanent marker and remove that mark with good old hand sanitiser – thank you Covid-19.

Here are a few tips to make sure that you get the most benefit from using my rulers:

  • If you can, set your machine to stop in the needle down position. This helps keep your position when you move the ruler.
  • My rulers are designed for high-shank machines, and are ¼” thick. This ensures that you can use the ruler safely without risking your hopping foot jumping over the ruler.
  • Use a ruler base or extended table to stabilise your work. The key to quality ruler results is three-point pressure.
  • Keep the ruler flat and quilt only where you can control the ruler. Walk your fingers along the ruler if it is long, stop the machine when you need to and reposition your hand.
  • Three point pressure is king! Press the ruler against the hopping foot, press the hopping foot against the ruler and press against the ruler base.
  • Your hopping foot gives you approximately ¼” spacing from the edge of the ruler. Some manufacturer’s hopping foot is slightly less or slightly more.
This is Handi Quilter’s standard foot and the Surefoot – notice the difference?

You can learn to use rulers with this class: Quilting with Straight Rulers.

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