How do I quilt Blooming Stripes? Part 1

Quilting Blooming Stripes or any digitally printed panel is really no different to quilting a standard quilt top, except:

  1. You have no worries about thick seams or worse, seams coming apart
  2. The “appliqué” isn’t going to come loose as you manoeuvre this baby under the needle
  3. Straight lines are straight!
  4. All the elements are perfectly placed so you can easily use any of them to line up a ruler or as a reference

But I do realise that sometimes we get stuck on ideas for a quilt, so here’s what I did (complete with videos and doodle references. I’m taking a bow 🤣). Because I don’t want to overwhelm you with it all at once, Part 2 comes next week.

Blooming Stripes finished quilt
Quilt backing is orange to match the quilt panel. Quilting thread matches the front of the quilt, so back shows changes in thread colour.

If you’re quilting Blooming Stripes on a domestic machine, start in the middle and work your way outwards. Doing this prevents distortion. (You should do this on any quilt that you stitch on your domestic machine)

When you’re quilting Blooming Stripes on a moving machine (mid- or longarm) take the opportunity to “stitch in the ditch” along the border lines when you’re basting. It will help give you the assurance that it’s loaded straight especially if you’re using channel locks.

I did same colours together, to avoid changing thread a million and ten times. Also, I’m showing the videos in the order that I would quilt on a domestic machine. It just means that you’ll see quilted bits in the video that I’ve not shared yet.

Stitch along with me with your own panel. Blooming Stripes is available in various colours.


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