How do I quilt Blooming Stripes? Part 3 – Quilting Feathers!

Quilting feathers my friends! It’s not as difficult as you think. But before your get to doing that:

On a domestic machine, add your background quilting after you’ve completed the centre shapes. Background quilting can be any of your favourite motifs, heck, I’d suggest a meander.

Your biggest concern and question is going to be whether you quilt in between and around the centre “flower”.

I did a simple free hand wave around the elements and concentric around the centre design.

It was fun to do, no pressure for perfection and quick!

Quilting feathers in the borders

In the purple border I chose to quilt feathers. I love a good feather, well, even an odd one too! Feathers can become so much more than a plume once you have the basics under the belt.

Stitch along with me. Blooming Stripes is available in a variety of colours.

And then, here’s a mish-mash of feathers that I stitched in the other border. You can do so much with feathers, your only limitation is your imagination and maybe a little courage. Doodle and draw to build your muscle memory.

Want to learn how to do these and other feathers? Join my Simply Feathers class and change your feather opinion ?. You can also get the class manual on its own, which gives you a good base, but no videos.

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