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From early sewing days in the 1980’s to an online store

Our Story

I started Lavender Quilting Farm back in 2017, when I decided that the annual burn-out from my IT job, was just not worth it.
Now I don’t need to escape the office to get to a rugby or hockey game, my kids are happier with me available, and so is hubby (though he’ll probably say I’m now quilting more and he still doesn’t see me!)

I fell in love with quilting in 2007 when Mom showed me what it was about and here was a new way to put my already established sewing skills to good use. You see, I’d already been sewing my own wardrobe when I was a teenybopper, so cutting up fabric, stitching it back together and then stitching layers of it again was a natural progression, right?

I also have wackadoodle software skills, so I was soon digitizing embroidery designs too.

Why Lavender Quilting Farm?

Lavender because my love for this fragrance and flower was also established as a child, when my grandmother would open up her linen cupboard and the lavender fragrance would just hang in the air. Now, whenever I smell lavender, I am taken back to my grandmother’s house and memories of pinching sweets from the glass bottle in the dining room.

Farm because I like to grow things: ideas, my Lego collection, my fabric stash – it’s always growing! Also because of the Bushveld Farm that I grew up with and the dream of having a lavender farm one day. For now, I have 10 or so bushes in the garden. The bees and I have a mutual understanding that I’ll only cut flowers from one bush at a time.

Putting all these favourites together seemed appropriate for a business of making quilting and design dreams true for you:

Blooming good design for the love of quilting.

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