About The Lavender Quilting Farm

The Lavender Quilting Farm is located in Johannesburg, South Africa.   We are a small business consisting of one human, three felines and two canines.  I also have two children and a wonderful husband.

The Lavender Quilting Farm was born out of a desire to share my creativity, make right the beginner mistakes from the early years, and teach others how much fun sewing, quilting, embroidery – heck, anything you can make, can be.  I also love lavender, and have many bushes in my garden from which I harvest lavender flowers to dry for crafting.  The dream of a farm is kept alive!

Why buy from The Lavender Quilting Farm?

  • When you purchase designs from me, you are supporting a small business and family.  This is my only income.
  • The support will go a long way towards allowing me to continue offering great designs, fabric and projects.

Lavender greetings!