About Lavender Quilting Farm

Lavender Quilting Farm is a quilting studio located in Johannesburg, South Africa.  It is owned and operated by myself, Aggie.

It brings together a few great joys of life:

  • Lavender and the peace and tranquility that it brings;
  • Patchwork and the wonder of mixing fabric to create something new;
  • Quilting to transform the simplicity of fabric and the complexity of patchwork;
  • The ease that technology brings to our lives.

When you buy from LQF, you buy more than just a design, piece of fabric, or a pattern.

  • You buy joy
  • You buy quality
  • You buy love

I take the complex, and make it simple. All you need to do is enjoy the result.

Fabric prints give you straight lines, accurate blocks and complex designs that would otherwise be difficult to obtain using traditional methods. And who doesn’t enjoy seeing someone’s face when they look at a quilt, then back at you with a “what? you did that?! That’s amazing!”. You buy a lot more than a design, a piece of fabric, or a printable pattern. 

Patchwork blocks made using your embroidery machine gives you accuracy and consistency that will both amaze and surprise you.

Complex quilting designs are a thing of the past with digital quilting. And you can create modern whole cloth designs – goodbye traditional feathers, curvy lines, and geometrics. Hello, animals, perfect backward paths, and wonderful results.

Everything I do is with the intention of giving you all of that, wrapped in love and a little bow of magic.