About Me

About me: Augusta (Aggie) Murphy. I know, it’s kinda weird, but the story behind the nickname is an interesting one involving my ability to sort out problems (hence agony Aggie) and my agile coaching skills (hence agile Aggie).

I have no formal art training. My background is focused on the left brain (that part of your brain responsible for all the logic non-arty stuff). I have a bachelor’s degree in Criminology, a certificate in Victimology and a diploma in Human Resources Management. My corporate career includes HR Generalist, Business Analyst in the IT sector, and Certified Scrum Professional.

Creativity found its way into my work when I became a Lego Play professional which essentially involved getting business people to play with Lego to communicate problems and solutions in an organisation. That was loads of fun, and my kids have now passed on their Lego to my collection!

My heart lies with my family, the bushveld and the magic of quilting. And don’t forget cats, dogs and Harry Potter! Then I must mention Fantastic Beasts, How to train your dragon and Lord of the Rings. And Yoda…don’t leave out Yoda…

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