About Me

The farm

Lavender Quilting Farm is a quilting studio located in Johannesburg, South Africa.  It is owned and operated by myself, Aggie Murphy.

It brings together a few great joys of my life:
Lavender and the peace and tranquility that it brings;
Patchwork and the wonder of mixing fabric to create something new;
Quilting to transform the simplicity of fabric and the complexity of patchwork;
The ease that technology brings to patchwork and quilting.

Quilting became a part of my life when my mother introduced me to the wonders of fabric collecting. I couldn’t get enough of fabric but was very hesitant to cut into any of it. I was simply too scared to cut it wrong, and wasting the beautiful stuff.

The thing is, that if you don’t take the leap, you’re never going to discover what you’re capable of! And I’m so glad I started cutting, and putting back together again.

This is essentially what patchwork is, and with the right tools, guidance from an experienced quilter like me, you can become the master of beautiful pieces to gift, keep or donate. Share your talents. The world needs more of what you can make.

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