52 blocks in 52 weeks

Welcome to 52 Blocks made over 52 weeks in 2020! This series is for the machine embroidery enthusiasts who enjoy making a perfect quilt block with perfect points and measurements.  No need to measure and cut your fabric, the embroidery machine takes care of all of that.

Some blocks are appliqué, others are machine embroidery, but most are foundation piecing or a combination of all three.

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How will all this work?

A new block will be available every Tuesday.

That is all a surprise!  You can identify some in the pictures I’ve used on this page and throughout the campaign, but the rest will be revealed when the blocks are available. Follow on Instagram and Facebook to get sneak peeks of what’s coming.

No, this is a machine embroidery series only.  At this point, I don’t plan to add templates for the blocks.  You will need an embroidery machine to make these. At the end of the series, a printed quilt top with all the blocks will be made available.

Some of the blocks in this series are more effective when you make them multiple times to create a larger block.  I have made allowance for this in the design.  Your finished quilt will measure 40 x 40″ unless you add sashing or a border.  This size is only the blocks, which means you will have 8 blocks in a row and 8 rows.

Every block measures 5″ when it is completed.  You will need a 5″ hoop at minimum.  The most popular hoop is the 5×7″ hoop, and this will work perfectly.

To get the finished result that I have planned, yes, you will.  But of course, you are not bound by this in any way.  Buy what you like, leave what you don’t like.  The blocks will continue to be available after release, so you can join in at any time.

I will have special discount coupons for newsletter subscribers and some of the blocks will be made available for free to subscribers.

Every coupon for each block will be individually assigned and limited to newsletter subscribers.  The email address you use to subscribe must be the email address you use for your account on this website, because the coupon will be associated with that email address.  So, if I have subscribed with aggie@lavenderquilting.com but my account that I use to buy the block is admin@lavenderquilting.com, the coupon will be invalid and I will pay the full price.

If there is a special offer on any of the blocks, other than the coupons, both special offers cannot be applied i.e. the coupon will not work.

Also, all the coupons will expire at the end of 2020, so be sure to use yours before 31 December 2020.  In some cases, I might entice you by making a coupon valid for a different period, but either way, they will not work past the expiry date communicated.

No, you won’t be able to.  Your account is associated with the coupon, and you can only use it once.

Absolutely not!  Remember that all of the designs on this website are copyright protected, and you will be breaking international laws by sharing the design files.  Not to mention that this website is my only income, so you will be stealing what I have worked very hard for.  Please read the terms and conditions for details.

Fabric requirements will be included with each block.  If you plan on using scraps, you won’t need to purchase large quantities of fabric.

If you choose to use coordinated fabric, I can tell you that I used three rolls of Violets of Blue available from Amafu Fabrics.  This equates to 24 fat quarters.

You will also need an embroidery machine, and a sewing machine to stitch the blocks together for a quilt top or other projects.

Every block will be available at R49,99.  Remember that newsletter subscribers get a special coupon with each block release.  If you have subscribed by the Friday before the next block release, you will qualify for a discount coupon. BUT, if you subscribe on the Sunday before the next block release, I will already have created the coupon, and your email address will not be included.  It will be included in subsequent blocks though.

Let’s consider this for a moment:

You subscribe on Saturday the 3rd at 15h00.  By that time, I will have looked at my list of subscribers and added those email addresses to the coupon.  Your email address will not be on that list, because I check the list on Saturday morning local time – that is Johannesburg time.

I release the block on Monday the 5th, and you will not be included in the coupon.

I release the block on Monday the 12th, you will be included in the coupon.

Essentially, avoid missing out and subscribe NOW!

I already have a video on doing patchwork in the hoop available on my YouTube channel.  Additional videos for some of the blocks will be made available after that block has been released, and I include written instructions with the blocks.

Do you have any other questions?  Please contact me so that I can assist.


Lavender Quilting Farm reserves the right to update this page and the relevant conditions at any time without prior notification.