FPP with freezer paper

Foundation paper piecing (FPP) is a technique used in quilting, where a pattern is printed or drawn onto a piece of paper. Fabric is then sewn onto the paper, following the lines of the pattern, in a specific order. Once all the fabric pieces have been sewn onto the paper, the paper is removed, and …

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Do you EPP?

English Paper Piecing or EPP as most quilters call it, is one of the oldest methods to make a quilt. Back in 18-whenever it was, there wasn’t templates and rulers and rotary cutters. In fact, there was probably only one scissor in the house used for fabric, paper (eeeekkkk!) and leather. Said scissor was used …

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What the heck is a tailor’s clapper?

A tailor’s clapper is used to get beautiful flat seams. I can already hear you saying that your iron does that – well, try doing half a quilt with a tailor’s clapper and half without. You’ll wonder why you ever doubted me.

Cheap sewing machines

Here are three machines that I consider cheap sewing machines that with a few add on accessories will work well for a beginner quilter.

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