What the heck is a tailor’s clapper?

A tailor’s clapper is used to get beautiful flat seams. I can already hear you saying that your iron does that – well, try doing half a quilt with a tailor’s clapper and half without. You’ll wonder why you ever doubted me.

Cheap sewing machines

Here are three machines that I consider cheap sewing machines that with a few add on accessories will work well for a beginner quilter.

Tips for reading a quilt pattern

Quilt patterns can prove challenging for beginners and for seasoned quilters. There’s a lot of new lingo if you’re just starting out, and sometimes this can get a bit confusing. Along with my glossary (have you started collecting the posts on social media yet?), you’ll not only know what terms mean, but with these tips …

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Thread weight matters, find out why

Thread has a weight, even if you think it’s as light as a feather, it can be measured, and it relates to the thickness, really. Much like humans….
The thread that you use on your project does make a difference to the result.

Printed quilt tops is cheating

Shortcuts simply aren’t well received by many, but you and I are always looking for an easier way to make that award winning quilt.

How do I quilt Blooming Stripes? Part 2

Last week I shared the first part of quilting Blooming Stripes. If you want to quilt along, you can purchase the panel or the appliqué pattern and enjoy a stitch-along. Invite some friends, and have a quilty party!

How do I quilt Blooming Stripes? Part 1

Quilting Blooming Stripes or any digitally printed panel is really no different to quilting a standard quilt top, except for all the advantages of straight lines, perfect appliqué, no snagging on thick seams and no ripping of fabric – eek!

Get the most benefit from your quilting rulers

If you don’t know this yet, I love quilting with rulers. These wonders of the quilting universe are very expensive, especially imported from the USA. Quality quilting rulers are available from my online store and they don’t have to cost you your fabric budget for the month.

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