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What is quilting?

Quilting is actually the stitching through of a number of layers of textiles.  It is usually a layer of fabric, with an insulating material and then another layer of fabric. The history of quilting goes back to early pioneer days and Mary Queen of Scotts also enjoyed this craft.

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Quilting Tools

We start our multi-part series on quilting basics with quilting tools.  There are many websites and magazines that all offer advice on starting to quilt.  One thing that they all have in common is kicking off with the right tools. I have many quilting tools that I’ve gathered over the years.  Some are used more […]

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The magic of starching your quilting fabric

A lot can be said about starching your fabric before cutting it for quilting and machine embroidery.  Many quilters prewash their fabric before they do any cutting – personally I don’t do this because I like the shrinkage you get after you’ve quilted the three layers. I do however starch my fabric as I’ve found […]

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Foundation piecing

Foundation piecing is the primary method we use to develop our patchwork in the hoop blocks.  It is a great method for piecing intricate blocks where the number of pieces could result in inaccurate measurements. When I think of foundation, I think of the first step in creating a building.  Much the same way, foundation […]

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lavender sachets

Making Lavender Sachets

Lavender sachets are perfect for your linen drawer, delicates and gifting with a quilt.  It is very simple to make, and the kids can join in.  This is also a great way to teach future quilters how to sew a straight line.  You will be churning out dozens of these, so make sure you have […]

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Make reusable notebook covers

How to make your own notebook covers

We are already in October, and I am sure a lot of us are busy with handmade Christmas gifts, right?  Something simple to make, and reusable, are notebook covers.  I love having a special notebook cover, and I change them regularly – something along the lines of one in the wash, one in the cupboard […]

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Baby quilt

Here is a quick baby quilt using a very simple design. In this case, I used blocks, no batting, and flannel for the backing.  It is soft, not bulky, and great for swaddling baby.  Perfect for a newborn, and great for a baby shower gift. Perhaps add a burp cloth with matching fabric? You will […]

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quilt in a day four steps to one great quilt

How to make a quilt in a day

Have you ever tried making a quilt in one day?  I have a simple pattern and full details on how you can do just that! 1 Layer cake or 42 10″ x 10″ swatches of fabric Rotary cutter Cutting mat Quilter’s ruler You will need fabric for binding – the finished quilt measures 55″ x […]

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binding a quilt

Easy quilt binding tutorial

Binding a quilt can sometimes be a little daunting, and if you don’t do it properly you may spoil all the hard work you’ve put into your quilt.  Here is how I bind my quilts. Before you can begin binding, you need to measure your quilt to determine the length of binding you will need.I […]

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Colour theory for quilters

The choice and combination of colours and prints on quilt fabric can make or break your quilt. To make this a bit easier to understand, we first need to take a look at colour theory. When it comes to colour, the best advice that can be given to any quilter is to use colours that […]

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