patchwork in-the-hoop

Patchwork in-the-hoop

Patchwork in-the-hoop is the method of creating patchwork blocks using your embroidery machine.  It is a matter of hooping stabilizer or background fabric, and then following the instructions to create a patchwork block that looks like you made it the traditional way.  Essentially, patchwork in-the-hoop is a form of foundation piecing with your embroidery machine. […]

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Buying from fat quarter shop featured image

Buying from Fat Quarter Shop

As you know we recently became affiliated to the Fat Quarter Shop.  It means that we can include links to products that we like or recommend.  We will also show items that you could use for a project when we write about products and projects. Living in South Africa poses some challenges to online shopping […]

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quilt tools in my toolbox

More quilt tools from my toolbox

Quilting tools come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Some are more useful than others, and some are a duplication of another.  This is the second in the series on the tools that I keep in my toolbox.  You can read the first instalment here. Let’s take a look at the secondary tools – […]

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