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Introduction to

Quilting Modern Feathers

Confidently quilt modern free motion feathers

This class is perfect if

You’re ready to take your quilting to the next level with feathers

If you want to take your free-motion quilting to the next level and learn how to make contemporary feathers with a timeless flair, then this is the class for you. If you have completed the FMQ Skill builder, or Quilting with Straight Rulers class this is the perfect follow-on to that class.

You want to learn how to make feathers for various areas on your quilts

Learning how to make contemporary feathers is one thing, but adding them to your quilt can be difficult. Borders, blocks, all-over? Squares, triangles and hexagons? We’re taking a walk through all the places and shapes you would put a feather and how to make each one. I’m using a cheater quilt top to demonstrate.

You find making feathers intimidating and outside your wheel house

I take the intimidation out of that gorgeous feather and show you how to take shapes and designs you already make and turn them into feathers. We’ll break it down to the skeleton and just how all the pieces fit together. Then we’ll take a journey through adding feathers to your quilts.

You want to join this class If:

  • You need a flexible learning schedule because you work a lot, have a family to take care of or just want to learn in your own time.
  • You want to learn on your own machine away from other quilters who keep checking out your quilting
  • You don’t want to travel and spend time to get to a teacher when you could be learning in the time it takes to travel.
  • You want the flexibility of on-demand learning.

What you’ll learn

The aim of this class is to remove the confusion surrounding quilting feathers by breaking down each step into small, sequential stages. It is an ideal class for those who are confident beginners in quilting or those who wish to learn how to quilt feathers. Gwenn’s instructional videos offer a simple method to achieve impressive results when using your quilting or sewing machine. The course covers the use of three different feathers, and you will learn how to incorporate them into shapes, borders and blocks and explore various design options.

What do you get?

Videos covering no-backtrack, bump back and spineless feathers in-depth plus variations to create interest in your designs.

A manual jam-packed with photographs and step-by-step feather glory.

Time to master the feathers. There is time between modules to practice and master the feather design.

We’ll cover how to use feathers in different shapes and spaces on a quilt. And, the all-over design that everyone wants on their quilts!

Design drawings, stitch-outs and what to do to improve your results. When to turn, when to lengthen and when….you get the idea?

The instructional videos make it incredibly simple to achieve stunning results on your quilting or sewing machine. All the videos have subtitles making them accessible to everyone.

Why should you take this class?

learn how to quilt feathers from the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Learning on a dealer machine doesn’t always mean you can work well with your machine at home. Plus, it’s hard to learn a new skill if you’re nervous about what the students around you think. At home, you can be in your space, on your machine, and at your own pace.

The class Is ready when you are, with on-demand, pre-recorded video lessons.

Whether you live in Australia, USA, have a day job, work nights, have kids at home that make your schedule irregular, or anything else, this class is pre-recorded, so you can watch it whenever you want! Plus, you can watch and rewatch as often as you want or need.

You need a quilting class that lasts longer than a few hours

You need a feather quilting class that lasts longer than a few hours, allows you to practice at your own pace and in your own time on your own machine. And you can watch as many times as you like.

And look, sometimes you just want to stay in your pajamas and quilt – with this class you can!

This class runs on a time schedule. When you enrol, you get immediate access to the first module. Then I give you time to practice before the next lesson is released.

I have seen AMAZING results teaching on-demand and online classes.    

  • People are more relaxed learning at home, over a period of time.  
  • You can learn at your own pace, rewinding the videos if you don’t quite understand something.  
  • You have time between modules to allow the information to sink in AND you get adequate time to really practise, rather than just have a quick go in class.  
  • Not having other participants watching what you’re doing can take the pressure off as well. I personally have a very strong dislike for having people look over my shoulder. 

When people take an in-person quilting class, they often leave feeling exhausted and forget what the teacher said.  Learning online, you can pause and take breaks when you like.  

You have plenty of opportunities to ask your questions directly to me, ensuring you get great learning support.

It’s been so rewarding to see people really learning effectively and applying their new skills to their projects, and I want YOU to be one of them.

What you need

  • I am quilting on the Night of Stars panels. You will create a number of quilt sandwiches (on a domestic sewing machine), load some left-over fabric or use a cheap bed sheet to practice on before you quilt on a precious quilt top or panel.
  • Are you a confident quilter who wants to quilt along with me? Grab that panel and avoid the piecing to get to the quilting phase!
  • Circle rulers or French curve rulers. To make mirrors and symmetry designs you’ll need to mark your quilt, and if you quilt the spine with that ruler, you’ll be so much happier.
  • Marking tools – check out what’s available in-store
  • Doodle pads or books – check out our selection!

About your teacher

Hi, I’m Gwenn Murphy (you also know me as Aggie 😉). I started quilting back in 2007 on a domestic sewing machine. I moved on to a longarm machine in 2017.

I learned to quilt by watching others, reading whatever I could find on the internet, and then trying it on my machine.

Quilting brings a quilt to life, and I love seeing the happiness on quilter’s faces when they see the transformation.

In this class, I want to teach you how to create beautiful feathers on your quilts. We’ll cover how to use feathers in different shapes and spaces on a quilt. And, the all-over design that everyone wants on their quilts!

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Class registration is only valid for one student. Lessons may not be shared.

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