Frequently asked questions

I am adding to this page regularly, but for now, here are the basics to using this website.  If you have any questions, please contact me to assist and I’ll add it to this page too!

Using the website

Yes, you do.  We do not allow guest purchases as your account is the place where you will be able to get your downloads and have a record of your purchases.

Select the Login link at the top of the page as it is displayed in your browser.  Complete the form with as much information as possible (we do have a privacy policy if you are concerned) and register.


We offer two currencies on the website:

  • ZAR (South African Rand)
  • USD (US Dollar)

To facilitate the use of payment channels that accept ZAR, the primary currency of the website has been changed to ZAR.  Purchasing in ZAR is also limited to South Africans - all other regions will use USD.

On the right of every page, even when you scroll through the page, you will see a fly-out option for the two currencies.  Simply choose the one that applies to you and continue shopping!

1. Every product has an Add to Cart button to add the item to your shopping basket.Products with add to cart

product add to cart

2. The cart icon shows the total amount in your shopping cart at the time, and a message pops up as soon as you add an item to your shopping basket from the product's page.

added to cart

3. When you click on View cart, the following screen appears:

cart with contents

4. From there, click on Proceed to checkout.  You can then either create an account or select on "click here to login".

register a new account or login

5. When you have logged in, or completed your details, make sure to tick the terms and conditions box after you have read the terms and conditions.  Then click on the PayPal button to take you to PayPal to make your payment. Alternative payment options are SnapScan or PayFast if you are using ZAR as your currency.  USD payments are only accepted through PayPal.

6. PayPal will take your payment and return you to Lavender Quilting Farm, straight to the download page.

7. If you are in South Africa, you will have the option to pay using PayFast or SnapScan.  Please make sure that you choose ZAR as your currency to make sure that you do pay in the correct currency.

PayPal will not accept ZAR as a purchasing currency.

Please return to your cart and change the currency to USD.  Your cart will adjust accordingly and you will be able to purchase using PayPalcurrency choice

If you are in South Africa, choose PayFast as your payment option as it will allow you to purchase in ZAR.

Choose PayFast

We have written a full blog post on how to purchase and keep your files for both Mac and Windows.

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by requesting a new password link.  On the login page, you will have a link that says "Lost your password?"

Login page

Click on this link to get to the reset page.  Enter your email and a reset link will be emailed to your registered address.

Reset password

If you do not receive an email, it is likely that the email you entered is not registered on the site.  In this case, please contact us to assist you.

We live in an increasingly mobile world, and for this reason, SnapScan has been added as a payment option for South African customers.

When you have added your items to your shopping cart, you can proceed to checkout by clicking on the checkout button.

Checkout button image

You get the opportunity to review your cart, address and shipping details (for finished products).  After you have reviewed your details, select your payment option.

View cart

A SnapScan GR code will appear on the screen.


You can scan this code to make your payment from your SnapScan app, or you can select the Click to Pay with SnapScan button.

If you choose to click, you will get this screen, with the total amount and the store name, along with the GR code to scan.


Once payment is confirmed, you will be returned to your account page from where you will be able to download your products (if you purchased downloadable products).  If you purchased finished products, I will be in contact with your shipping details a.s.a.p.


We regularly write tutorials and how-to blog posts.  To get started with quilting, check out the tools that I use and follow along with the beginning with quilting series that started in May 2019.

Patchwork in-the-hoop is the process of creating a patchwork block that looks like a traditional method but is made completely with your embroidery machine.

Printed Quilt Tops

A printed quilt top is fabric that has a quilt or patchwork design printed on it removing the need to appliqué or piece patchwork.  It also brings modern quilting designs to your sewing room and home.

Read our dedicated page for details on our printed quilt tops.

Yes, for sure!  We have two currencies on the website:

  • USD
  • ZAR

ZAR has now been set as the primary currency, and all South African customers can purchase in Rands and pay using PayFast.