Learn to quilt

Learn to quilt with this series of blog posts. I give you the essentials, including tools, the terminology you may have heard and all the other fun stuff you need to know to get started.

When I started quilting, I could bounce a lot of my questions off my mother, who introduced me to quilting. There was a lot that I found out on my own, and I kinda wish I had access to a learn to quilt series such as this when I started out. So here we go! I also have a few courses available to help you on your journey too. The quilting with rulers class is really a good foundation for any ruler work aspirations you may have once you’ve worked your way through these articles. I am just an email away from assisting you, or you can follow me on Facebook and Instagram for inspiration, ideas and answers to quilters’ questions.

what is quilting
Learn to quilt terminology
learn to quilt
tools learn to quilt
colour learn to quilt
starching learn to quilt
binding a quilt
quilt sizes learn to quilt
baby quilt

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