Online classes are available so that you can learn in your own time and at your own pace. We have designed these online classes to meet your requirements to:

  • Learn at home so that you don’t need to travel
  • Safety of being at home amidst a pandemic
  • Access classes when you’re far from a quilt teacher
  • Make you feel like you’ve got a teacher right there with you
  • When Eskom interferes, you can still get your class done because it will be there when the power’s back! (Power failure is only relevant where you are dependent on electricity for your wi-fi or mobile network.)

Select the class you’re interested in, and read what is covered and what you’ll need. In most cases, everything you need is available from us, but we do include details of suppliers when we don’t have the items.

We are continuing to create more classes that will meet your needs, so please let us know what you’re looking for!

Simply feathers quilting class

Simply Feathers Quilt Class

In this class you'll learn to quilt feathers from a professional quilter using a proven method. You will make a masterpiece quilt (or two) that will show off your newly acquired skills.

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A million more dreams – the course

Make a complete quilt using foundation paper piecing, appliqué and couching techniques. Presented by a professional quilter, we also include some fun embellishments that will make you an aficionado in multiple methods.

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Quilting with Rulers – Straight rulers

Once you've finished this class about straight quilting rulers, all the principles you need to apply in the use of other rulers will be firmly entrenched.

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