Custom Printed Quilt Tops

Custom printed quilt tops are 100% cotton fabric, ready for quilting,without the need for piecing or appliqué.  The range available is exclusively designed by Aggie and produced locally in South Africa.

Printed quilt tops make quilting accessible to anyone who enjoys the quilting part of the process, but not necessarily the patchwork intricacies.  I enjoy both but have fumbled my way through projects only to give up before putting the top together because I either get bored, or I get frustrated when blocks and pieces don't fit.

The availability of printed quilt tops brings modern quilting to everyone's home.  And if you're not a quilter, but would love a quilt in your home, a printed top can be given to a quilter to stitch through.  Perfectly straight lines for rulerwork that every quilter will love and no hassles with seams that are too thick!

Designing fabric and then printing it is another art form that compliments quilting, patchwork, and machine embroidery.  Many of the fabric designs cannot be achieved with traditional patchwork or appliqué, so this is really adding another dimension to what we already enjoy doing.

We use 100% cotton and print using eco-friendly printing methods.

The panels are treated to ensure that they retain their colour and brightness.

All panels that are printed are checked by myself before I send them to you.  You can be assured that the fabric you receive has met my exact standards.

In the same way that you will take care of your patchwork quilt, you still need to take care of this panel.

But, it's not a complicated matter, and there is no special treatment required to ensure many years of happy use of this fabric.  It is durable, and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Washing in cold water on a gentle cycle will ensure that the colours remain.

The ink that is used is water based and free of any solvents.  The printer is also energy saving which further reduces the carbon footprint.  Every panel is printed when you order it, so there is no waste of fabric.

Every piece is printed on demand, and this takes a few days.  The panel is treated after printing to ensure colour fastness and this must dry naturally before it can be handled.  Depending on your location, you should have your fabric within 10 to 14 days of order.  Rural areas will take a bit longer.

Each piece is printed individually to minimize excess production and waste.  The piece is a finished composition, not a bolt of fabric.  I am sure that finding coordinating fabric will be easy when you consider the variety that is available.

International shipping is possible, but a quote must be obtained for shipping before you place an order.  Let's chat - contact me.

I am continually adding to this part of our online store, but I am happy to hear from you.  Let me know what you have in mind and we can create your dream quilt.