Block Barn Sampler 1


“Block Barn Sampler 1” is a printed quilt top that is ready for quilting.  It is small in size, measuring 70 x 70cm.

You can purchase this as a 100% cotton piece or printed on a polyester blend.

The cotton is crisp and smooth, think 400 count sheets.  The silky is a polyester blend is soft, very silky and luxurious fabric with a slight sheen.


“Block Barn Sampler 1” is a printed quilt top.  It has already been completed, no additional piecing is required and can be printed in many colour variations.  You’ve seen the Block Barn blocks, and really want to make a quilt with them, but you don’t have an embroidery machine?  Or, you don’t particularly like piecing or appliqué?  This is the printed quilt top for you!

“Block Barn Sampler 1” is printed on 100% lightweight cotton or a polyester blend. It is a great skill builder and you can use it rather than adding to landfill like most of our other practice pieces do.   The colour is beautiful and you’ll have a hard time creating these with traditional methods.    I can quilt it for you or you can buy it and take it to your local quilter to be quilted, or quilt it yourself!

“Block Barn Sampler 1” is one layer of fabric that you could either quilt or use for other projects.

  • Machine washable with cold water on a gentle cycle using a mild detergent
  • Every “Block Barn Sampler 1” piece is printed individually. It is not mass-produced.
  • Each piece will produce a functional quilt and does not require any piecing.

Take a look at the How do I quilt it series on our YouTube channel.  And check out the Block Barn!

Quilting by Claire Wallace from HandiQuilter South Africa using the Capri sit down longarm machine
Dimensions70 × 70 cm

Klara, Petunia, Tacia, Jana


100 % Cotton, Silky


Cold wash, Do not dry clean, Gentle machine cycle, Mild detergent


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