“Butterfly” is inspired by the 16 days of activism against women and children campaign that happens every year.  A butterfly has personal symbolism for me.


“Butterfly” is inspired by the 16 days of activism against gender-based violence campaign that happens every year in December.  A butterfly is my reminder that I left an abusive marriage to be alive. This piece represents the beauty of life and the strength it takes for a butterfly to emerge in beauty and splendour from a cocoon that I mistakenly took for security.

All printed fabric sold by Lavender Quilting Farm is printed using environmentally friendly methods.

Size and colour

“Butterfly” is a digitally printed fabric panel available as a 140 x 140cm piece.  Do you have some questions about custom printed quilt tops?   Read all about it here.

Dimensions140 × 140 cm

Cold wash, Do not dry clean, Gentle machine cycle, Mild detergent, Tumble dry on low heat


100 % Cotton, Silky

Fabric Size

140 x 140 cm

Fabric colours

Black and White, Blue Green, Flamboyant, Forest, Pomegranate


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