Champagne Garden


“Champagne Garden” is inspired by the changing seasons in my garden.

This panel is ideal for quilters who love quilting, but not necessarily the work that goes into making the quilt top.  Our printed panels are available in 100% cotton as well as a silky polyester blend.  We print on demand to reduce the impact on the environment, and it is all done in South Africa.  A variety of colour options are available for you to choose from.

This is a finished quilt top that is ready for quilting.


“Champagne Garden” reminds me of the beautiful spring time in South Africa.  My studio looks out on the garden and the birds are all busy gathering materials for their nests.

Our printed panels are ideal for quilters that like complexity without all the complex labour – you know what I mean, right?  These designs are generally hard to achieve using traditional patchwork and appliqué methods, so the hard work has already been done.

All printed fabric sold by Lavender Quilting Farm is printed using environmentally friendly methods.

“Champagne Garden” is a digitally printed fabric panel available as a 140 x 140cm piece.  It is available in cotton or in silky.

Have some questions about this fabric?  Read all about it here.

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Dimensions 140 × 140 cm

Cold wash, Do not dry clean, Gentle machine cycle, Mild detergent, Tumble dry on low heat


100 % Cotton, Silky

Fabric Size

140 x 140 cm

Fabric colours

Carnation, Carnation on white, Forest, Hydrangea, Hydrangea on White, Pomegranate, Pomegranate on white, Purple fantasy, Purple fantasy on white


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