Colorful 4 Oranges


Colorful Embroidery Thread is 40 wt. 2-ply polyester thread. Designed for embroidery, quilting, and thread painting.


Colorful Embroidery Thread is 40 wt. tri-lobal polyester thread. It is manufactured using new generation technology to produce high luster, high sheen embroidery thread. This, combined with high strength and washability, makes Colorful polyester embroidery thread a popular choice amongst leading South African embroidery companies.

Colorful embroidery thread is designed for embroidery, quilting, and thread painting because it can handle high speeds and gives a smooth result even when densely stitched.

Why use polyester?

Polyester threads are better than rayon threads for sewing and embroidery applications because polyester fibers are colorfast, have greater UV resistance, and is stronger than rayon.


This page has the thread colours from column 4 of the colour chart.  Select your desired colour to add it to your cart.

Please note that monitor differences and browsers and all kinds of technical stuff can assure you that the colour that you see on your screen will not exactly match the colour of the thread on the cones.  Get a colour chart and make the most informed choice on your thread.  Thread is not returnable.

Thread Colour

C1011 Glow, C1012 Visor Gold, C1013 Caramel, C1014 Topaz, C1015 Bronze, C1030 Bisque, C1040 Flesh Pink, C1042 Devilled Orange, C1043 Toast, C1188 Golden Yellow, C1189 Ashley Gold, C1190 Mango, C1191 Orange, C1219 Sunflower, C1233 Shangri La, C1326 Opaline, C1404 Day Lily, C1405 Manila


1000m, 4000m


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